My name is Jon Karpoff and I teach at the University of Washington. I stumbled on the trails out of the Fish Lake Sno-Park years ago when I was looking for some new skiing territory. I've since skied ski and snowmobile trails around the state, but keep coming back to Fish Lake for its proximity to Seattle and solitude (at least in the morning).

A few years ago some snowmobilers I saw during a break on the trail (it was a long day and I was not following ASS Rule #1) said, "So you're The Skier!" I've heard that a few times since. It's a nickname I sort of like.

Nowadays there are other skiers out there. Not too many, and you are unlikely to see anyone else on an ASS ski, as long as you follow ASS Rule #1 (see the rules). But you might just find the tell-tale Y-shaped tracks of another skier or two as you return to the Sno-park from a heart-thumping ski.

See the Trail Guide to see what you are in for if you try some ASS.

Pausing near the Chiwawa River bridge
near the Fish Lake Sno-park.